High Five Sport Soccer Socks

SizeColor1 to 1112+Lead TimeIn Stock
Small 18"ATHLETIC GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"ATHLETIC GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"ATHLETIC GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"BLACK$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days529
Medium 24"BLACK$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days542
Large 30"BLACK$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days545
Small 18"COLUMBIA BLUE$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"COLUMBIA BLUE$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"COLUMBIA BLUE$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"FOREST$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"FOREST$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"FOREST$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"GOLD$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"KELLY$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"KELLY$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"KELLY$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"LIME$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days511
Medium 24"LIME$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days553
Large 30"LIME$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days513
Small 18"MAROON$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"MAROON$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"MAROON$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"NAVY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days511
Medium 24"NAVY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days511
Large 30"NAVY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days505
Small 18"ORANGE$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"ORANGE$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"ORANGE$5.09$4.391 to 2 business daysYes
Small 18"PURPLE$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"PURPLE$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"PURPLE$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"RASPBERRY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days545
Medium 24"RASPBERRY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days562
Large 30"RASPBERRY$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days564
Small 18"ROYAL$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days507
Medium 24"ROYAL$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days543
Large 30"ROYAL$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days516
Small 18"SCARLET$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days211
Medium 24"SCARLET$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days527
Large 30"SCARLET$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days502
Small 18"TEAL$5.09$4.39 No
Medium 24"TEAL$5.09$4.39 No
Large 30"TEAL$5.09$4.39 No
Small 18"WHITE$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days504
Medium 24"WHITE$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days520
Large 30"WHITE$5.09$4.391 to 2 business days541